Funeral fund launched after London family loses two members to coronavirus

A week after a family in London lost their granddad, tragedy struck again when their father also passed away. Both men died of coronavirus.

An urgent appeal has been launched to raise £2,000 to help a family cover the costs of the second funeral.

Husayn Hoca, the leading pastor for the British Turkish Cypriot community who presided over the grandfather’s funeral, told T-VINE Magazine:

“The family are in bits at losing two loved ones in such quick succession. The granddad contracted the virus when he was admitted into hospital for an unrelated illness, and then unknowingly passed it on to his children who visited him.”

The appeal for funds to help cover the costs of the second funeral was launched by Sheniz Suleyman a week ago, and has so far raised £720.

Ms Suleyman told T-VINE the family had wished to remain anonymous, so she had created a generic appeal to respect their wishes.

“Covering the cost of one funeral is hard enough, but who has a spare £14,000 for two?” Ms Suleyman asked.

“The family are stunned by the deaths. Nothing could have prepared them for this. They are overcome by grief. I just wanted to help alleviate the financial stress as best I can,” she added.

To donate to the appeal, visit the GoFundMe website here.


Photo, top, of Husayn Hoca at Canan ‘Mary Jane’ Mustafa’s funeral, 24 Jan. 2020. Photo © Louie Amore