Happy New Year! We’ve survived an unbelievably tough year, and carry through resilience, community spirit, and humanity into 2021

As we say goodbye to 2020, it’s worth pausing to reflect on this oddest of years.

Every year is full of ups and downs, and of tragedies and triumphs, but these past 12 months have pushed us all in ways few could have imagined last New Year’s Eve.

A year dominated by the coronavirus that has been responsible for untimely deaths, fears, isolation and untold struggles for people all over the world. Yet it’s also brought out the very best in us.

This was the year when celebrities took a backseat as we celebrated our everyday heroes – the frontline workers and volunteers who put the needs of others before their own safety.

We applaud the superhuman efforts of NHS staff, care workers, public transport and postal workers, the delivery drivers, the funeral directors, and others who’ve kept essential services going.

We see too the brilliant community activists who’ve plugged the gaps, whether it’s delivering food parcels, or checking on vulnerable individuals, or helping to repatriate people stuck far from home.

Blessed also are the authors, artists, DJs, music and film makers, and the like who’ve kept our minds and souls alive.

There has been no shortage of innovations and inspirational stories.

We’ve shared a deeper sense of community.

And of course, Planet Earth has enjoyed a much-needed respite from us humans.

Naturally we enter 2021 with not only hopes and aspirations for a better year, but also some trepidation. That tomorrow is never promised and yet….

We’ve survived an unbelievably tough year, and carry through that resilience, community spirit, and humanity into the New Year.

So here at T-VINE Magazine, we thank you for all your fabulous support, and for your likes, shares, and comments (positive or critical – all welcome!).

We wish you all a kinder, happier and healthier 2021.


Both images, top, from Premium Freepik: Happy New Year lettering by pikisuperstar, grassy landscape with tree, cloud and rainbow by kjpargeter.