Haute couture meets Turkish fine art in 2-day London exhibition

Next week, the Yunus Emre Institute in London will host a unique exhibition showcasing the work of three talented Turkish artists: one fashion designer and two painters.

The brainchild of fashion consultant Zeynep Ober, Art Meets Fashion brings together Zeynep Kartal, whose glamorous gowns are favoured by UK celebrities, with the colourful, thought-provoking works of internationally renowned visual artists Prof. Gülten İmamoğlu and Ertuğrul Ateş.

Kartal has selected paintings by İmamoğlu and Ateş, transferring these onto the fabrics she has used to create a new 10-piece evening dress collection.

The dresses will briefly go on display at the Art Meets Fashion exhibition, which opens at the Yunus Emre Institute (YEI) with a private viewing on Thursday 15 September, to be attended by Turkish Ambassador Abdurrahman Bilgiç and other special guests. Members of the public can view the exhibition on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th.

The collaboration between Zeynep Ober, Zeynep Kartal and YEI continues into London Fashion Week. On Sept. 17, the dresses will feature on a special catwalk held at the Terrace Pavilion in the House of Commons, overlooking the River Thames.

Exhibition details

Title: Art Meets Fashion

Venue: Yunus Emre Institute, 10 Maple Street, London W1T 5HA

Duration: 16-17 September 2016

Times: Friday: 10:30– 20:00, Saturday: 10:30– 17:00

Admission: Free

For more info: telephone: 0207 387 3036 / email: londra@yee.org.tr