Hüseyin Mavideniz’s family to march for justice in London following his brutal death outside a TRNC nightclub

In the early hours of Thursday, 10 August 2023, Hüseyin Mavideniz was beaten to death by bouncers outside Breeze nightclub in İskele, in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus.

The shocking incident, captured on mobile phone cameras, caused massive outrage, not least because of the savagery of the attack on a man who was knocked to the ground with punches and then was stamped on.

An autopsy found Mr Mavideniz had died from a brain haemorrhage after receiving multiple blows to the head. To date, 13 people have been arrested and questioned in connection with Hüseyin’s murder, with two charged with manslaughter. A court hearing is due to take place on 21 September.

On Saturday, 16 September, Hüseyin’s family and friends in London will be marching for justice, to ensure those responsible for the father of two’s death face the full weight of the law and are given the maximum sentences possible for their crimes.

About Hüseyin Mavideniz

Born in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, Hüseyin Mavideniz, 29, was raised in London by his uncle İrfan Davulcular, after his parents split when he was a teenager.

Hüseyin had a good and stable upbringing, according to those closest to him. He had big business aspiration and prior to his death had taken on a new commercial enterprise. He was married and earlier this year, he and his wife had welcomed their second child.

The uncle of murdered Hüseyin Mavideniz, İrfan Davulcular, who raised him as a young man, speaks to a crowd assembled outside a court in Magusa, TRNC, where charges against the suspects were heard, Aug. 2023


After hearing the news that his elderly father was seriously ill in hospital, Hüseyin quickly travelled to the TRNC to be by his bedside.

The fateful incident

On his second night on the island, Hüseyin went out with his cousin Hüda Yalınayak, 29, and his younger brother Baran Mavideniz, 18. Mr Yalınayak, who was also assaulted by the Breeze bouncers that night that left him with a broken nose, told local online newspaper Gadara about the fateful events that led to his cousin’s death.

He said all three men had gone to Breeze and during the night, Hüseyin had spotted a friend, a middle aged man, sitting at another table and went over to say hello. After 10-15 minutes, Hüseyin beckoned his cousin to come to the table where he introduced the two men.

Some moments later, others at the same table said something in English, which Hüseyin took offense to and an argument ensued. In a bid to calm tensions, Mr Yalınayak took Hüseyin back to their table.

The men received a bottle of whisky, paid for by Hüseyin’s middle aged friend, prompting Hüseyin to return to the table to thank his friend. However, Mr Yalınayak said another more heated argument broke out and the venue’s security decided to eject both parties from the club.

When they were outside the pair realised Hüseyin’s younger brother Baran was still inside the club. Mr Yalınayak said he’d go back in and get Baran, and approached the doormen and explained the situation. The next thing, Mr Yalınayak the security all ran inside the venue because another fight had apparently broken out.

Mr Yalınayak said he and Hüseyin decided to go in too, to look for Baran and leave, but before they could do that, one of the doormen spotted the two cousins and took exception to them returning into the club. The doorman punched Mr Yalınayak and suddenly, they were surrounded by all the security, who were attacking them, some with their fists, others with chairs, with Hüseyin becoming unstable on his feet after receiving the bulk of the blows.

When police arrived, they arrested Mr Yalınayak. He claims that despite his protestations about his badly injured cousin, who had not moved after falling to the ground, the police did not allow him to go and see if Hüseyin was OK, nor did any police officer check him, simply telling Mr Yalınayak an ambulance was on the way.

Hüda Yalınayak tells local media about the night his cousin Hüseyin Mavideniz was killed 

“The police came there [to Breeze]. They tried to handcuff me. Three police officers jumped on me in the car to try to calm me down. Hüseyin Mavideniz is lying there, neither a medical officer nor a police officer went to look. Half of them [police officers] are with the security guards, 5-6 people are with me, they are trying to learn about the incident.

“Nobody went and looked. I shouted at the police in the car, I couldn’t stay calm. ‘Look.’ I said, ‘Something happened. He didn’t get up, he didn’t move.’ ‘The ambulance will come,’ they said. I said, ‘Let me take care of it,’ [but] they took me away. They took me to the hospital, Hüseyin Mavideniz stayed there.”

Since the incident, many Turkish Cypriots have raised concerns around the suitability of those employed as doorman in the TRNC based on claims that some of the doormen working at Breeze had committed other assaults and crimes in the past.

March for justice

On Saturday, Hüseyin Mavideniz’s family will lead a ‘Justice March’ along Green Lanes in North London. People are asked to assemble in the car park opposite Harringay Green Lanes overground station for 12.30pm and from there, they will walk along the main road to Wood Green Library, some 40 minutes away, where the march will end.

In a statement issued ahead of the march, Hüseyin Mavideniz’s family said: “We trust in justice. We want justice to be served,” and calling on the TRNC government to ensure the case comes to trial as quickly as possible.

Football match in memory of Hüseyin Mavideniz

On Sunday, 17 September, London’s Turkish Community Football Federation (TTFF) are dedicating their Community Shield to the memory of Hüseyin Mavideniz.

A statement posted by TTFF’s board of directors said: “The Turkish Community Football Federation plays the Community Shield match every year as the first game opening the [new] season.

“This year, Turkish Community Football Federation will start the 2023/2024 season by dedicating it to [TTFF] President İrfan Davulcular’s nephew Hüseyin Mavideniz. We invite all caring people from the community to attend this match.”

The Community Shield match, between Gençlik Gücü and Yeni Boğaziçi, will take place at the New River Sports Stadium on White Hart Lane, London N22 5QW. Kick-off is at 4pm.