I am facing a disciplinary allegation at my university. What are my rights?

Facing a disciplinary allegation at university or college can be an extremely stressful time for a student, with their academic career – and indeed their entire future – hanging in the balance.

There are a great many reasons why students might find themselves facing a disciplinary panel. No matter what the background to your situation, it is vital that you prepare your case meticulously.

Common reasons for appearing before a disciplinary board

Here are some of the most common scenarios that may lead to you have to appear before a disciplinary panel at university or college:

  • * Bad behaviour – you are alleged to have behaved in such a way as to have brought the university into disrepute.
  • * You are alleged to have repeatedly and without adequate reason failed to attend lectures and/or seminars.
  • * It has been alleged that you have had some kind of altercation with a university staff member or another student.

What are your rights at a disciplinary hearing?

You have the right to defend yourself against any and all allegations.

All UK universities and colleges, as well as other educational institutions, have procedures put in place to manage disciplinary issues as and when they arise. These procedures are there to ensure that your rights to fair treatment under the law are respected and protected. What this means in practice is that you have the right:

  • * To prepare and mount a defence of your case
  • * To be fully informed of the specific details of the allegation that has been made against you
  • * To be able to examine all evidence that exists and has been collected to support the allegations against you
  • * To have an independent and wholly impartial decision-maker present at your hearing – this must be someone capable of arriving at a fair and completely independent adjudication, based solely on the evidence

Get expert help to win your case

Firms like Match Solicitors can play a pivotal role in helping affected students put their side of the story across in a professional and effective manner.

Whatever the particulars of the allegations that have been made against you, education law specialists can advise, guide and support you through the whole process.

If allegations have been made against you, call Match Solicitors to discuss your case in complete confidence today. Your academic career is too important to leave this situation to chance.

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Salima Mawji is a director at Education Law specialists Match Solicitors, recognised as one of the UK’s leading lawyers in further and higher education. Described in Chambers UK as “very effective”, she has a very high success rate in internal university appeals. Salima regularly speaks at high-profile events and is a commentator for national media, most recently appearing on ITV’s Exposure: Undercover Colleges.

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