Improve your Turkish this summer with Yunus Emre Institute’s online classes

Whether you want to expand your vocabulary for everyday conversations or improve your grammar, learning Turkish in Britain has never been easier.

This summer, the Yunus Emre Institute London is running multiple intensive online language classes to suit all abilities, from beginners to those seeking more advanced language skills.

Many of the classes form part of the official Turkish language curriculum, allowing students to gain credits towards their Turkish language certificates.

The new summer courses start on Wednesday 17 June. Under the expert instruction of Dr Kübra Yıldırım Khan and her team, students will participate in weekly classes for usually eight weeks.

Some courses are available both during the week and at weekends. Examples of the courses available this summer are given below.

A1.1 Turkish Language – Weekdays

Duration: 8 weeks – every Wednesday and Friday (twice a week)

Start date: Wednesday 17th June 2020

End date: Wednesday 12th August 2020

Time: 17.00-20.00

Teacher: Kübra Yıldırım Khan

No classes on 31st July due to Eid al-adha (Kurban Bayramı)

A1.1 Turkish Language – Weekends

Duration: 8 weeks – every Saturday and Sunday (twice a week)

Start date: Saturday 20th June 2020

End date: Sunday 9th August 2020

Time: 10.30-13.30

Teacher: Esra Birsen Güler

The course fee for either of the above options is £140, with an additional £30 for course materials that will be posted to your address.

Turkish Conversation Classes (A2.1-A2.2) – Weekdays

Duration: 10 weeks – every Tuesday (once a week)

Start date: Tuesday 2nd June 2020

End date: Tuesday 4th August 2020

Time: 18.00-20.00

Teacher:  Pelin Aksoy Kapıkıran

Fee: £125

Course Materials: will be provided by the teacher every week

All classes will take place through ZOOM, an online platform.

To learn more about the classes or to sign up, contact Course Co-ordinator Dr Kübra Yıldırım Khan call 020 7387 3036