“It’s all about customer satisfaction”, says Cyprofood Wholesaler head at grand opening of new store

Hundreds of trade customers and members of the public visited the new North London premises of Cyprofood to experience a “shopping festival” as part of the grocery wholesaler’s grand.

Curious shoppers had the opportunity to taste a range of food and drinks, pick up goods on special offer and gift giveaways all day opening on Saturday, 01 October.

In the evening, it was the turn of business guests, who came to see Cyprofood’s mega warehouse store on the Brantwood Industrial Estate, in Tottenham, a reflection of the company’s significant growth since its launch in 2007.

The cocktails and light jazz and Anatolian folk music created the perfect atmosphere for Cyprofood’s partners, and key suppliers and customers to rub shoulders with the leading lights from London’s Turkish and Kurdish communities, among them the former Enfield and Haringey Mayors, Cllr Sabri Özaydın and Cllr Ali Gül Özbek, businessman Firat Mayil and trade consultant Dr. Eser Altınay.

Partners from Cyprofood’s parent company, Masca Holding, were among those to give speeches on the night. Masca Holding’s CEO Fırat Kuzu highlighted Cyprofood’s increasing focus on technology as part of their business. He stated that the company stocks “over seven thousand products” and that customers can now enjoy “a unique and comfortable shopping experience” that includes “a large parking area and service quality.”

The store can hold up to 200 vehicles in its car park, and nearly 4,000 pallets’ worth of goods. Its cashiers are powered by the latest technologies, to allow traders the ability to complete their shopping quickly and easily.

Cutting the ribbon to officially open Cyprofood Wholesale, from left to right: Done Karagoz – Erkan Altuntas – Erdal Soylemez – Cetin Agcagul – Suleyman Cagin – Ekin Firat Kuzu
Cyprofood Wholesale founder Süleyman Çağın speaking at the grand opening of their new mega warehouse store


Quality was a recurring theme on the night. Masca Holding shareholder Süleyman Çağın said “customer satisfaction” was central to the Cyprofood’s philosophy.

“Going forward, we are determined to prove ourselves in offering the best prices, product variety and quality. We have full confidence in our team in this regard,” Çağın stated.

He also thanked all the stakeholders, from suppliers to employees, who had supported Cyprofood during its 15 years in business, and those that had joined them on Saturday evening to celebrate the company’s important milestone.

Another Masca Holding shareholder, Çetin Ağacagül, underlined the strength of the parent company behind Cyprofood. “Masca,” Ağacagül, said, “owns nine independent businesses”, which collectively have an annual “turnover of 150 million pounds”.

Cyprofood Wholesale, North London, 2022
Cyprofood Wholesale, North London, 2022


Cyprofood, which started life as a fruit and veg wholesaler in far smaller premises on the same industrial estate back in 2007, is determined to continue its expansion plans to better serve its customers, which include restaurants, takeaways, off-licences, newsagents and minimarkets.

The new store includes frozen groceries, a bakery, tobacco, soft and alcoholic beverages, catering items, and packaging products as part of its aim to create a “one stop shop” for small businesses.

With traders always on the lookout for the best deals, Cyprofood says its “first-class customer service and quality products at competitive prices” has helped set it apart from the competition and made it “popular with small businesses”, from off-licences and mini-markets, to takeaways, and restaurants.