King Charles III’s Coronation gets the Turkish Cypriot “molehiya” treatment from Pembegül Bayram

A comedy remake of key parts of King Charles III’s Coronation Day a fortnight ago, where the key characters speak in the Turkish Cypriot vernacular about everything from molehiya being on the menu to the soon-to-be crowned king asking for some zivaniya (Cypriot brandy) has had us in stitches.

The 53-second clip called Kıbrıslı Kraliyet Ailesi [Cypriot Royal Family], created by British Turkish Cypriot Pembegül Bayram, has been watched nearly 20,000 times on her Facebook and Instagram accounts.

It starts with Queen Camilla being shown a booklet by one of the bishops, described as a menu, with the Queen looking and remarking in a posh Turkish voice “There is even molehiya – nice”.

When the King is asked what he wants, he replies “Bring me some zivaniya, hayvan [animal]” – animal being a common putdown in Turkish Cypriot slang. The clip cuts to the orchestra, which is purportedly playing popular Turkish folk song Oy Oy Emine.

Other scenes include the King being shown an invitation to Mehmet’s wedding, which he bluntly rejects. He is also shown putting on a pair of ornate gloves as it’s apparently cold. We then see the Queen speaking out Turkish Cypriot style over the discomfort she feels when the Archbishop places a crown on her head.

The Cypriot Royal Family remake then cuts away to the close-up scene when Prince William is leaning into the to the King to pledge his alliance. In this Turkish Cypriot remake, the prince tells King Charles that he already has a “complex” after losing his hair and that, after learning he has been likened to an “egg”, he feels it best he just goes home.

British Turkish Cypriot entertainer Pembegül Bayram behind the hilarious clip about King Charles’ Coronation


The prince tenderly kisses his father on the cheek – common in Turkish culture – and King Charles simply replies “OK my son, may my prayers keep you blessed [‘hayırduam tutsun seni’]” – a typical way a Turkish elder sends a younger person on their way.

The clip ends with members of the Coronation gospel choir bursting into Turkish melodies, singing “Nana Nay”.

Talented all-round entertainer Pembegül Bayram provides the voices for all parts of the dubbed clip, which has attracted dozens of comments praising her for its comedic value. Bayram’s Turkish Cypriot send-up of the Royals has been described as “brilliant”, “epic” and “hilarious” by people after watching it on social media.