Labour’s stance on the Gaza ceasefire is not only a betrayal of their voters, but also of their own values

Seeing Conservative politicians vote against the ceasefire in Gaza in the UK Parliament was disappointing, but at the same time expected. However, so many abstentions from Labour Party MPs was totally heartbreaking, as it is because of their silence that this genocide against the Palestinian civilians of Gaza is being allowed to continue.

Considering that so many people who openly oppose the Israeli Government’s war crimes, be they from the Muslim community or otherwise, vote Labour in the elections, Labour’s stance on this matter can only be summed up as a betrayal, not only of their voters, but also of their own values.

This, in my eyes, makes Labour just as guilty as the Conservatives for the bloodshed that is taking place in Gaza, if not more so. Had the Labour MPs who abstained actually voted for the ceasefire, the outcome of the vote would have been totally different.

Gaza is an issue that is very close to the heart of Muslims in the UK. Many Muslims who have traditionally voted Labour will no doubt feel alienated and let down by the party they once looked up to for representation.

They struggle to continue supporting the Labour Party without feeling conflicted. Instead of rewarding their loyalty, the Labour Party has thrown their Muslim voters under the bus, sacrificing them in order to appeal more to right-wing voters.

I suspect that many Muslim voters will turn away from both Labour and the Conservatives in the upcoming local, mayoral and general elections, perhaps turning to the Liberal Democrats as an alternative.

Saying that, no party should base its stance on what is happening in Gaza on how many votes it will get them in the elections.

Genocide is not a matter to be deliberated on. Humanity is not up for debate.

It was the duty of every MP who voted in Parliament to vote in favour of the ceasefire, and to publicly denounce anyone who doesn’t.

Unfortunately, the outcome of the vote can only be interpreted as a reflection on the sad state of politics in Britain today and the moral corruption of self-serving MPs who occupy most of the seats in the UK Parliament.

One can only thank the minority of MPs who went against the grain to stand up for what is right, and to have hope that the general public in Britain will remind the MPs who didn’t fulfil their duty correctly where their priorities should have lied in the next election.

By Ertan Osman, who is from the newly formed Facebook group called Turkish Cypriots Against Genocide in Gaza.