Olcay Bayir (Anatolia), Dzambo Agusevi Orchestra (Balkans) & Mamak Khadem (Iran) – where musical crossroads meet

If you love Middle Eastern and Gypsy beats, get yourself down to The Forge in Camden for the last night of February. This intimate live music space will be hosting Olcay Bayır, Dzambo Agusevi Orchestra, and Mamak Khadem, between them representing the rich musical cultures of Anatolia, the Balkans and Iran.

In the competitive world of Balkan brass bands, Dzambo Agusevi Orchestra (pictured above) consistently come out on top. Led by renowned trumpet player Dzambo, the award-winning ensemble from Strumica Macedonia won the legendary Guca Brass Festival in Serbia and has been banned from some competitions to give other bands a chance!

Hugely popular in Turkey, they recently released a new track – Taksim Dream – featuring famed clarinet player Hüsnü Șenlendirici, which you can listen to below. Their infectious music, which reflects their Turkish Roma roots that stretch eastwards from Skopje to Istanbul, will have you bopping in no time.

Of Turkish-Kurdish origin and now living in London, Olcay Bayır, is a classically trained soprano with a velveteen voice like no other. Her critically acclaimed debut release Neva/Harmony (2014) took listeners on a breathtaking journey of her Anatolian homeland where she crafted beautifully distinctive melodies, bringing lush new textures to traditional songs.

Olcay will be performing some of her new material on 28 Feb. Enjoy her fascinating musical interplay between East and West, as she sketches shade and light on the region’s diverse musical heritage.

The third artist on this incredible bill is the enchanting Mamak Khadem. Described by The Los Angeles Times as, “one of the wonders of world trance music”, she captivates audiences by blending her Persian roots, its ancient poetry and music with a bold new sound.

Mamak’s earlier project Axiom of Choice established her as a leading Persian fusion artist, her stunningly vocals touching international audiences emotionally and spiritually. In her acclaimed album The Road (2015), she travels across borders from Iran to the Balkans and Arab-Andalusia, seeking common threads. It includes the track Those Eyes, which she recorded with Dzambo Agusevi Orchestra and with whom she will perform at The Forge.

Now based in the US, this will be Mamak’s second live appearance in London.

Gig details:

Title: Hot Gypsy Brass Dzambo Agusevi Orchestra + Mamak Khadem

Date: Tuesday 28 February 2017

Starts: 7.30pm (doors open at 7pm)

Venue address: The Forge, Camden Town, 3-7 Delancey Street, London NW1 7NL

Admission: £17.50 in advance, standing. Very limited seating in balcony/back of bar on first come, first served basis.

Buy tickets: buy online from promoters Kazum! kazum.co.uk/28-feb-17-hot-gypsy-brass

Book a pre-show meal: 020 7383 7808

Artist info: click on artist names to visit their website or Facebook pages –  Dzambo Agusevi OrchestraMamak Khadem ; and Olcay Bayir .