Olcay Bayır takes her ‘Dream for Anatolia’ on mini tour of Britain  

Olcay Bayır’s music is a natural marriage of her time-honoured Anatolian heritage and the vibrant, eclectic sounds of London, which she now calls home.

Of Turkish-Kurdish origin, her contemporary sound blends elements of folk, jazz and urban music with evocative vocal deliveries through original eclectic compositions that draw from the rich musical heritage of Anatolia, Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean.

The classically trained soprano worked with Al MacSween and Giuliano Modarelli for her latest album Rüya – Dream for Anatolia. Their arrangements bear the musical stamp of their world-jazz collective Kefaya. A lilting west African feel fuses brilliantly with Kurdish song Ferzê, while traditional Cypriot track Dolama Dolamayı is restructured with catchy melodic hooks and a groove that builds to an ecstatic climax.

Love in all its different guises – a big part of Olcay’s Alevi and Sufi heritage – also features heavily on the album. The track Arı Oldum (“I Became a Bee”) is about nature and the essential bond between bees and honey. There’s the hauntingly beautiful ode to love in Yar Dedi and arguably the standout track of the album, Rüya [Dream], of hope and joy.

Here her perform this stunning album live. She’s announced a six-date mini tour of Britain, with more dates to be added. Follow her on social media or visit her website (see link below) for more details.

Concert details

Title: Dream for Anatolia UK tour

Dates, venues and show times:

Sunday, 09 February     The Stables, Milton Keynes (8pm)

Wednesday, 18 March   Gulbenkian, Canterbury (8pm)

Thursday, 19 March       Turner Sims, Southampton (8pm)

Friday, 20 March           Hallam Union The Hubs, Sheffield (8pm)

Saturday, 21 March       The Edge, Birmingham (8pm)

Sunday, 22 March         The Live Room at Saltaire, Bradford, Yorkshire (7.30 pm)

Admission: prices vary for each venue, from between £8 to £16.50. Booking fees apply

Tickets: available via artist website olcaybayir.com