See Turkish musical comedy ‘Elmanın Öteki Yarısı’ at Edmonton’s Millfield Theatre

Turkish Cypriot thespian Osman Balıkçıoğlu has made it his life’s mission to spread Turkish Cypriot culture to the younger generations and others interested in the heritage of his ethnic homeland.

The Lefkoşa-born, London-based veteran actor and playwright’s career spans over 60 years. During this time, he has taken to the stage, and appeared on television and radio playing a host of memorable characters, notably Caher in the comedy pairing ‘Alikko ve Caher’– the Laurel and Hardy of Turkish Cypriot theatre.

Balıkçıoğluis back on stage at the Millfield Theatre in October with Elmanın Öteki Yarısı, a musical comedy that he penned about an elderly couple, one of whom is in a wheelchair. This hilarious play, with a cast of seven and a mini live orchestra of three musicians, is guaranteed to have the audience in stitches.

There are just two performances of the play, both on the same day, so grab your tickets fast! The show is supported by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Theatre Details

Title: Elmanın Öteki Yarısı [The Other Half of the Apple]

Language: Turkish, no surtitles

Date: Sunday 23 October 2022

Start Times: matinee 3pm, evening show 8pm

Duration: 2 hours long, with two acts.

Venue: Millfield Theatre, Silver Street, Edmonton, London N18 1PJ

Admission and tickets: £15 per person, no concessions. Please contact Osman Balıkçıoğlu to place your order for tickets and payment information. Email him on or call 0798 518 4160.