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American and Turkish authorities are still failing murdered journalist Halla Barakat, says friend Ertan Karpazli

On 21 September 2017, Halla Barakat, a 23-year-old American journalist, and her 62-year-old mother Orouba Barakat, a Syrian national, were murdered in their own home in Istanbul. Their throats had been cut and their bodies covered with blankets. Nine days later, Turkish police arrested a suspect – Ahmed Barakat – in Bursa and he was […]

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Horror in Geçitkale, North Cyprus, as three members of family shot dead

On Friday, the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC) woke to the grim news that a mother and father, and their teenage son had been shot dead in their home in Geçitkale, near Famagusta. Bengü Çobanoğlu, 48, and her husband İbrahim Çobanoğlu, 52, had been killed in their bedroom. Their 14-year-old son Çınar Çobanoğlu was […]

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Turkey accused of “policy of impunity” after police officer acquitted in killing of student Kemal Kurkut

A court in Diyarbakır has found a police officer not guilty of killing Kemal Kurkurt, a young man shot dead during the Nevruz celebrations in 2017. The Diyarbakır Seventh Heavy Penal Court acquitted the policeman, identified only by his initials Y.Ş., despite overwhelming evidence disputing the officer’s defence that he and his colleagues were trying […]

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Turkish police seize 220 kilos of cocaine on board ship destined for Europe

An international tip-off and surveillance of suspects led to the discovery of a huge stash of cocaine on board a ship at Mersin Port, in southern Turkey, on Tuesday. According to local media reports, Turkish customs and police discovered 220 kilos of cocaine hidden among the ship’s declared cargo of A4 paper. The ship had […]

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Two brothers shot dead after man opens fire at a taxi rank in Istanbul

A fight at a taxi rank in Esenyurt, Istanbul, turned deadly after one man fired on others using a pump-action rifle. Seven men were rushed to local hospitals, some in a serious condition. A short time later it was announced that three of the men had succumbed to their injuries. According to a report by […]