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Record number of cases brought against people in Turkiye for “insulting the President”

There has been a record increase in the number of people being investigated and prosecuted for ‘insulting’ the Turkish authorities in 2022. A total of 16,753 people came before a judge in a criminal court after they were accused of either ‘insulting the President or government’ or ‘denigrating Turkishness’, both criminal offences under Turkish Law. […]

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Turkish Cypriot journalists hold 24-hour protest over government plans to curb freedom of expression

Over one hundred journalists in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus have staged a peaceful demonstration against the government’s proposal to resurrect British colonial era laws that would limit freedom of speech against the head of state. Organised by the Turkish Cypriot Journalists Association (TCJA), journalists of all ages, including veterans Hasan Hastürer and Süleyman […]

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From a witch hunt against Sezen Aksu to ‘satanism’ on The Masked Singer, what is going on in Turkey?

With Turkey’s annual inflation rate soaring to its highest level since 2002, drastically affecting the purchasing power of millions of ordinary Turks, you’d expect the media spotlight to be firmly on the economy. Instead, the headlines have been occupied by a myriad of other news stories this past month. Commentators and opposition parties say these […]