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Frontline Club panel to debate ‘legacy of the Gezi Park Protests and the future of democracy in Turkiye’

In 2013, police brutality against a peaceful group protesting the destruction of Gezi Park – one of the few public green spaces in Istanbul – prompted an unprecedented wave of demonstrations that soon spread across Turkiye.  The focus of the protests soon morphed into riots against the ruling AKP government’s escalating authoritarianism, then headed by […]

The Trans Sex Workers of Istanbul: special London screening and Q&A

  To celebrate LGBT Pride Month, the Frontline Club is screening two short films about the Turkish and Latin trans communities. Directors Andy Hayward and Olivia Crellin will be present for a Q&A discussion about their mini documentaries, chaired by India Willoughby, Britain’s first transgender newsreader. The number of transphobic murders in Turkey has increased […]