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British Kashmiris lend weight to Turkish Cypriots protest against racist discrimination by Waltham Forest Council

British Turkish Cypriots held their second protest against Waltham Forest Council Leader Grace Williams for “discrimination and racially insulting the British Turkish Cypriot Community”. The event was bolstered by support from the local Kashmiri community. Over a dozen Kashmiris attended the demonstration outside Waltham Forest Town Hall on Thursday, 3 March, to protest the Council’s […]

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Waltham Forest Liberal Democrats say Council Leader’s order to prematurely remove TRNC flag is “inflammatory”

Liberal Democrats in East London have condemned the actions of Council Leader Grace Williams after she controversially ordered the removal of the TRNC flag from outside Waltham Forest Town Hall, despite the Turkish Cypriot community having permission to fly it for a day. In their statement issued earlier today, the Waltham Forest Liberal Democrats (WF […]

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Petition demands Waltham Forest council leader resigns over “racist statement” against Turkish Cypriots

Outraged British Turkish Cypriots have launched a petition calling for the leader of an East London council to resign over a “deeply offensive, racist statement” she made, along with a decision to ban the flag of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC). Councillor Grace Williams, who heads the Labour-run Waltham Forest Community, ordered the […]