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Middlesex University responds to allegations of “bias” at its recent School of Law Cyprus lecture

A university accused of hosting an “anti-Turkish” seminar has rejected the claims, asserting that the event “included a diverse range of views and perspectives from all communities impacted.” Middlesex University School of Law came under fire ahead of its ‘Human Rights in Cyprus Lecture’ held at Hendon Town Hall in North London last week. It […]

HP News
Middlesex University and Barnet Council to host controversial “anti-Turkish” Cyprus talk in Hendon

A talk presented as a ‘Human Rights in Cyprus Lecture’, involving law lecturers from Middlesex University and hosted by Barnet Council, has been slammed by Turkish Cypriots as “anti-Turkish”. The event is scheduled to take place at Hendon Town Hall at noon on Monday, 18 March. According to details on online ticketing platform Eventbrite, where […]