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Naz Osmanoglu headlines two nights at the Heineken Comedy Club in Hereford

  Half-English posh-boy, half Turkish warlord, His Imperial Highness Prince Nazim Ziaeddin Nazim Osmanoglu (aka Naz) wields the only scimitar he’s got – a sharp sense of humour and a claim to the Turkish throne. Join the coup! Among those to heap praise on the would-be Ottoman heir are The Evening Standard: “Livewire Naz Osmanoglu […]

Edinburgh Fringe comedy: The Naz Show

  Already an Edinburgh Fringe veteran with ten festivals under his belt, the loudest third of acclaimed comedy trio WitTank, Naz Osmanoglu charges back up to Scotland for his latest comedy invention and debut solo sketch performance: The Naz Show. Featuring on this year’s Just The Tonic Edinburgh comedy bill, the award-winning stand-up will be […]

General Election 2017: Turkish candidate makes clip for UK’s largest party, the CBA

  Continuing our series on Turkish candidates standing at this General Election, we turn the spotlight on Naz Osmanoglu who has been capturing national media attention with his appearance in a party election broadcast for the CBA. CBA stands for ‘Can’t Be Arsed’ and, according to Osmanoglu’s clip, they represent the “silent majority, the unheard […]