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Coronavirus alert: the sheep have taken over in Samsun!

There has been no shortage of strange scenes of animals around the world running amok during the coronavirus pandemic, as nature seeks to assert itself into spaces abandoned by humans during the lockdown. Cameras have captured thousands of flamingos gathering by Mumbai’s lagoons, dozens of hungry monkeys fighting it out over a banana in Lopburi, […]

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Turkey “raises the bar” after hosting successful Deaflympics in Samsun

Last Sunday marked the close of the 23rd Deaflympic Games, held in Samsun on Turkey’s Black Sea coast. A total of 3,148 deaf athletes from 97 nations took part in 219 competitions from 21 different branches of sport during the 12-day event. Russia topped the medals table after a massive haul of 199 medals, including […]