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Tickets flying out for Turkish hip hop star Sagopa Kajmer’s May concert at Camden’s Electric Ballroom

One of the hottest tickets for Turkish London this year will undoubtedly be Sagopa Kajmer’s concert. The celebrated hip-hop artist is live at Camden’s iconic Electric Ballroom this spring and first release tickets have already sold out! Behind hits such as “Bir Pesimistin Gözyaşları,” “366.Gün”, “Neyim Var Ki,” and “Kalp Hastası,” Kajmer is regarded as […]

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Rock band Seksendört back in London for April gig at Camden’s Electric Ballroom

Originating from Turkiye, Seksendört have been captivating audiences for the past two decades with their unique blend of rock and pop songs. Formed in 1999, the band has consistently delivered hit after hit, whether heartfelt ballads or pop bangers about love and life. Some of their most notable tracks include ‘Kendime Yalan Söyledim’, ‘Dokunma’, ‘Ölürüm […]