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Brighton and Hove Amnesty group to screen The Decree and discuss the impact of the 2016 Turkish coup attempt

An attempted coup in Turkiye on 15 July 2016 resulted in huge repercussions for thousands of ordinary civilians in the country who suddenly found themselves targeted. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan issued an emergency decree in the wake of the failed coup resulted in over 160,000 public sector workers and civil servants being instantly fired […]

The six most scenic spots to visit in Turkiye

How happy is the one who says, “I am a Turk”? Very happy indeed. Turkiye is a beautiful country that offers a captivating blend of natural wonder and cultural treasures — including the land border where Europe becomes Asia and vice versa. This top destination is perfect for travellers seeking natural beauty and a stunning […]

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Turkish cryptocurrency boss jailed for 11,196 years for defrauding investors

Eyebrows were raised around the world as news of the verdicts for Faruk Fatih Özer, a cryptocurrency businessman, and his two siblings, Serap Özer and brother Güven Özer, circulated. The trio were sentenced to a staggering 11,196 years each after being found guilty of aggravated fraud, leading a criminal organisation and money laundering after their […]

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Mete Gazoz adds World Championship archery title to his Olympic gold

With torrential rain bearing down, the conditions were less than ideal for the final of the 2023 Hyundai World Archery Championships in Berlin, but Mete Gazoz kept his cool to emerge victorious. He hit bullseye after bullseye to beat his opponent Canadian Eric Peters 6-4 to win the Recurve Men’s individual title. Gazoz’s triumph at […]

Book review: Hafsa Lodi’s ‘Modesty: A Fashion Paradox’ is essential reading, but omits details about Turkiye’s vital contribution

UAE-based American journalist Hafsa Lodi’s ‘Modesty: A Fashion Paradox’ has become the definitive read on this fast-growing global industry that marries faith with fashion. Published by Neem Tree Press in 2020, this 288-page book explores the big drivers behind the rise of modest fashion, its controversies and the main players involved. While some of the […]

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Record number of cases brought against people in Turkiye for “insulting the President”

There has been a record increase in the number of people being investigated and prosecuted for ‘insulting’ the Turkish authorities in 2022. A total of 16,753 people came before a judge in a criminal court after they were accused of either ‘insulting the President or government’ or ‘denigrating Turkishness’, both criminal offences under Turkish Law. […]

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One in ten young Turks do not believe in God, new study finds

A major survey into religiosity in Turkiye has found that 11% of young adults aged 18-24 “do not believe in God”. The figure rose to nearly two in five (18%) among those with a master’s degree or doctorate. The number of non-believers in the next age group up, 25-34, dipped to 6% — closer to […]

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Turkiye to take on Armenia in Yerevan as Euro 2024 campaign gets underway, and Harry Kane makes history

The international football break is well underway, with several Euro 2024 qualifiers, including England’s against Italy, and Azerbaijan’s against Austria, already taking place. Italy v England – and Harry Kane making history England were facing arguably their toughest opponents in Group C, Italy, away in Naples on Thursday night. Goals by Declan Rice (13thminute) and […]