The essential home exercise kit

No need to spend a fortune on membership fees or sports equipments. These inexpensive items will give you the freedom to get active when and where you want. Look out for our monthly online guides (T from our fitness experts, giving you plenty of tips on how to get the best use of these items and maintain your health.

  1. Kettle bells, £10-£100 dependent on weight. These popular exercise tools increase strength, endurance, agility and balance. Whether you want to burn fat, develop your cardio or increase your strength it can all be done with a kettle bell. If you are not sure which weight you need, as a rough guide women new to this should start with 4kg, fit women 8-12kg, men new to training with 8-12kg, fit males 12-16kg, and higher weights for experienced weight trainers.
  1. Gym or Swiss balls, £22. A great way to improve flexibility, posture and balance. The ball targets specific parts of the body – the abdominals, chest, back, legs, and shoulders – through different exercises, such as crunches, press-ups and squats.
  1. Reebok Speed Rope, £13.50. Perfect for burning unwanted calories and toning the body. It challenges all the major muscle groups in both the upper and lower body. The speed rope provides smooth motion and incorporates comfortable lightweight handles, and the length can be adjusted to suit individual needs.
  1. Yogamatters sticky yoga mat, £16.99. There are cheaper yoga mats, but the material is flimsy. This textured mat is 4mm thick, providing sufficient soft cushioning to protect knees and bottoms from hard floors below and better grip. Available in a range of colours. Perfect for all your floor exercises and activities such as yoga.