Turkish women’s group honour mothers and women at special North London event

Dozens of British Turkish and Turkish Cypriot women attended a special lunch at the Grand Palace Heather Suite in Wood Green on Friday, organised by the Turkish Women’s Philanthropic Association (TWPA) to celebrate International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Among the notable guests for the double celebration was Ambassador Çimen Keskin, the London Representative for the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, TRNC London Press Attaché Esra Emin, and Chingford Councillor Ilkay Isa.

TWPA Chair Seyyare Beyzade described the lunch as “wonderful occasion” where she and Ambassador Keskin both gave speeches in honour of women and mothers, paying tribute to their “determination to succeed” and their “immense contribution to society and the true embodiment of the women’s equality”.

The attendees also remembered those women and mothers in less fortunate positions, offering  thoughts and prayers for those struggling to survive in war-torn countries.

“We are celebrating March 8, International Women’s Day, under the dark shadow of the wars that are still ongoing in different geographies of the world, especially in Palestine, where women and children are the victims of wars,” stated Ambassador Keskin, calling on states to take action “without further delay” to end “this unacceptable cruelty and unsustainable situation.”

Ambassador Keskin noted the importance of March 8, International Women’s Day, to “celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, and at the same time re-emphasise our commitment to the struggle for women’s rights and equality.” She also underlined how Turkish Cypriot women, past and present, have been “involved in our people’s struggle for social existence and sovereignty”, helping to shape the TRNC “shoulder to shoulder with men, at every stage”, with a “fighting spirit” that provided “significant value to the development of our society.”

From L-R: TWPA chair Seyyare Beyzade, TRNC Ambassador Çimen Keskin, ‘Mother of the Year 2024’ Yasemin Brett, Mr Brett, at the TWPA Mothers Day lunch, Grand Palace, London, 08 March 2024


The top Turkish Cypriot diplomat also praised the TWPA, describing them as one of the “longest established and most successful” community groups in the UK Turkish Cypriot community, and commending the TWPA as “an important and admirable example of what our women can achieve by coming together.”

Former Enfield Council Cabinet Member Yasemin Brett was honoured as TWPA’s Mother of the Year for “her selfless dedication in helping hundreds of women within our community and beyond”, making an incredible difference to multiple lives whilst also bringing up her son. The award was presented to Ms Brett by the TRNC London Representative.

Poems were read and games were also played during the social gathering, “making the afternoon one that will be fondly remembered,” Ms Beyzade concluded.