Why should you claim a no deposit bonus online?

Nowadays, ‘welcome’ bonuses are offered by every casino operating online, and these offers tend to come in a variety of different ways.

Finding the best bonus that is tailored to your needs as a bettor is often challenging, as there are so many available.

Gamblers often search the internet looking for different types of free spins and other bonuses.

One offer that is more attractive than most, however, is the ‘no deposit bonus’. Here, we will go through what a no deposit bonus is, the positives and negatives,, and how customers can claim one.

What is a ‘no deposit bonus’?

No deposit bonuses are exactly what they promise. Customers will not need to make any cash deposit into their account in order to claim the bonus, as they will be given either cash or spins in exchange for signing up.

This type of offer is much sought after, as it doesn’t require the player signing up to play with their own money to claim the bonus.

Variations of this offer exist, and one of the most common is that the no deposit cash bonus is restricted to specific games available at the casino.

Prospective customers drawn to this freebie should also be aware of the downsides before they sign up for this bonus.

Negatives of the bonus

The negatives of the no deposit bonus can be found by reading the fine print in the terms and conditions.

They typically revolve around the excessive wagering requirement that customers will have to meet before they are able to take funds out of their account.

Wagering requirements are common practice that new players have to navigate regardless of the offer they are signing up for. However, when it comes to a no deposit bonus, the financial requirements tend to be much higher.

Some casinos have wagering requirements as high as 60x. This would mean gamblers will need to have a perfect run of form to meet the threshold within a given time and emerge with money still in their account.

The other drawback is that players are often restricted on the games that they can play. They may not be able to try out new games, as the terms of the offer may mean that the free spins can only be used on one or two of the games available. This restriction doesn’t usually apply to those claiming other types of offers.

Positives of the bonus

Players will need to make their own mind up when it comes to claiming the bonus, but there are still a number of positives to mention.

The no deposit bonus is an extremely good one for new players that are unsure on whether to sign up for an account. This bonus will give newcomers a glimpse into what they could expect to experience online without having to spend any of their own money.

Players that have played online previously will also see this bonus as a way to check out a new casino before having to deposit funds.

You could study the gameplay experience, as well as whether you can have a positive experience playing on mobile devices. The free bonus will give you a true insight into the features available, and if you like what you see, then you can sign up and play with real money.

Remember to gamble wisely too. Treat it as a form of entertainment, and not as a source of income, and only gamble what you can afford to lose. For this and more tips on how to gamble safely, visit the Be Gamble Aware website.