Ask Yonca abla: Does she need bigger boobs?

Dear Yonca abla,

One of my closest girlfriends is keen to have a boob job. She has a gorgeous figure, is slim and beautiful, but feels her breasts are too small and is keen to get them enlarged. Ultimately it is up to her to do what she wants with her body, but I’m thinking it is more than likely down to the new man in her life, who has made her feel insecure. 

He is a good looking guy and they make a good match, but it seems he has a thing about ladies with large breasts – his former girlfriends all had bigger boobs. No operation is without risks, so why change your natural body shape for a guy? I can’t abide vanity, but worse still I can’t stand by and see my best friend pushed into unnecessary plastic surgery due to pressure from her boyfriend. I’ve tried to have a discussion with her, but she just closes up and tells me it’s none of my business. Should I just leave her be?


My dearest,

Your friend is very lucky to have a friend like you who is concerned for her health and wellbeing. If it was my friend, I would sit her down and talk with her to find out the real reasons.

Breast augmentation can help you feel more comfortable with your looks, but you will never have the same feeling of your own natural breasts again. There are lots of pros and cons with any operation and this type of cosmetic surgery comes with huge risks too: from excessive pain, to the rupturing of implants; more surgery could be required, especially in the long-term; and there is the considerable recovery time (several months) and costs (on average £5,000) involved.

You must tell your friend that she is beautiful as she is, but if she is adamant that she wants surgery for her own benefit then she must do a lot of research before she goes under the knife. I know many ladies who have had breast surgery and who have loved it, but I also know ladies who have regretted it! The decision can only be made by your friend.

Yonca 2As for her new man – I would never change my looks for any man. He should accept her for who she is as she is. If she is doing it to satisfy him then he will not just be controlling her looks, but also her life too. Good luck.

Lots of love always,

Yonca abla

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