Autumn driving hazards

Hello autumn with your icy windscreens, low sun dazzle and wet leaves on the road.  Are you prepared?  Mel from the MEB Motor Centre sets out the essential checklist to keep your car moving safely as the weather gets colder and the nights turn longer.

Icy Windscreens

  • Give yourself extra time before you set off to clear condensation or ice – those few extra minutes mean that you will be able to see through your screen properly.
  • Switch on your air conditioning to get demisting.
  • Always use a scraper or de-icer spray and NEVER be tempted to pour hot water on your screen.
  • Sudden changes in temperature can cause the glass to fracture so if you have chips in the screen, get them fixed now rather than have the screen shattering later.
  • Top up your windscreen washer fluid and make sure that it contains the right additive to reduce the chance of freezing.

Low Sun Dazzle

  • Clean your windscreen inside and out as over time a film builds up on the surface of the windscreen and creates glare.
  • Check your windscreen for scratches and chips on the outside as they accentuate the sun’s brightness.
  • Get your windscreen wipers replaced. If they are streaky or squeaky then they aren’t cleaning your screen properly and again add to the sun dazzle problem

Leaves on the road

It may sound like a British Rail excuse but leaves on the road can be dangerous. Check all your tyres to ensure they are in good condition, with the right pressure and tread depth. Be sure your tyres can grip the road when conditions get slippery.

Did you know that October is Tyre Safety month? It’s important to be safe every month of the year, so don’t hesitate to replace your tyres if they are old. Also, get your brakes tested. These need to be in tip top condition at this time of year. For peace of mind, always get them checked by a qualified mechanic.


Sadly it’s that time of year when it will be dark on your way to and from work.

  • Check all bulbs at least once a week (including brake lights and number plate lights)
  • Check your fog lights and lenses are clean
  • Always carry some spare bulbs – good garages such as MEB can supply bulb kits
  • When changing bulbs, follow your handbook although for headlight bulbs you may need to visit a garage
  • Turn your headlights on before the sun goes down and keep them on for an hour after sunrise


For more of Mel’s motoring tips, visit the blog section of MEB The Motor Centre.