Avant-Garde pianist Arman Ratip to give free concert in London

Renowned Turkish Cypriot music composer and pianist Arman Ratip will be performing in central London on Thursday 6 February 2014. Called Space Music, the evening will include a selection of Ratip’s most famous works in a free concert organised by the Turkish Cypriot Doctors and Dentists Association and supported by the TRNC London Representative’s Office.

Born in Lefkoşa in 1942, Ratip was introduced to music when he was five years old by his mother Jale Derviş, one of the most famous music teachers on the island. Within a few years, this child prodigy was not only fully proficient on the piano, but had also turned to writing his own music, often improvising with Jazz and Turkish Folk music.

He went to London to study law and journalism, and his talents were quickly spotted by EMI, who gave Ratip his first recording contract. Since then he has produced two piano concertos and over 60 other compositions. British music critic Al Terego said Ratip: “makes the piano talk about love, hate, hilarity, fear, strength or fragility, in fact the whole gamut of human emotions and attitudes… Behind the calm exterior, there is a volatile musical genius.”

Best known for his Avant-Garde Jazz and New Age music, Ratip has toured the world performing extensively. He has given solo concerts and appeared at numerous music festivals in Vienna, Salzberg, Berlin, Bucharest, Islamabad, Istanbul, Ankara, and in his native North Cyprus.

The programme for Ratip’s piano recital at St. James’s Church next Thursday is:ArmanRatip_poster_LondonConcert_6Feb14

  • Alpha Centauri
  • Vega
  • Seven Stars
  • 14 Hercules


  • Adromeda
  • Deep Space
  • Barnard’s Star
  • Aldebaran

Those wishing to attend need to contact the organisers in advance of next Thursday to reserve their places – details are below.

Venue address: St. James’s Church, 197 Piccadilly, London W1J 9LL

Concert starts: 7.30pm

Entrance: free

Ticket reservations: call 07780760895 or email tcddauk@gmail.com