Devrim Evin to star in Kafka adaptation Çıkış Yolu Yok / No Way Out at Millfield Theatre


Day-Mer’s month-long festival of culture and arts continues with a special matinee performance of ‎Çıkış Yolu Yok (No Way Out), a Turkish adaptation of Franz Kafka’s century-old short story A Report for the Academy. 

Created by Turkish actor Devrim Evin and Australian theatre director Malcolm Keith Kay, with music by Oktay Köseoğlu, this one-man play presents a sole character: Red Peter, a monkey who is captured and imprisoned in an unspecified African country. It tells how Red Peter begins to imitate human beings and learns to behave like them in order to stay alive.

Çıkış Yolu Yok (No Way Out) adapts Kafka’s story to current day realities, focussing on the struggle of migrants and marginalised people all over the world. It presents the audience with a critique of maxims such as “all humans are equal” and “all humans must have the same rights”, raising key questions on how it is possible for all people to be equal, while also probing whether we should change who and what we are based on pressure from others. In essence, is Red Peter searching for freedom or just a way out?

Actor Devrim Evin, famed for his role as Constantinople conqueror Sultan Mehmed II in the 2012 blockbuster Fetih 1453, plays Red Peter in this powerful new play, which aims to show that despite the abolishment of slavery, modern day slavery continues to exist in our so-called ‘civilised’ society. For those fleeing persecution, death and hunger in their homelands, they now face a very real danger of becoming slaves in their new homes.

The play has a single showing at Edmonton’s Millfield Theatre on Sunday afternoon, 24 June. It’s likely to be a sellout, so buy tickets in advance to guarantee your seat.

Please be aware that this play will be performed in Turkish with no subtitles.

Above photos, L-R:  Devrim Evin, Oktay Köseoğlu and Malcolm Keith Kay.

Theatre Details

Title: ‎Çıkış Yolu Yok (No Way Out)

Language: Turkish

Date: Sunday 24 June 2018

Start Time: 3pm

Venue: Millfield Arts Centre, Silver Street, Edmonton, London, N18 1PJ

Admission: Tickets are £20 and can be purchased online from Millfield Theatre