Father appeals for help to find 14-year-old daughter Ela missing from Leytonstone home

UPDATE, TUESDAY 20 June 2020, Ela Kostepe has been found and is back home safe and well.

A father has made a desperate plea on social media for information about the whereabouts of his teenage daughter Ela Kostepe, who went missing in East London on Wednesday evening, 17 June.

Tuncay Tony posted a photo of his fourteen year old daughter on his Facebook page with the message: “My daughter is missing please contact me or the police missing from leytonstone [sic].”

Ela has long dark brown hair, which she normally wears tied back. It’s believed she was wearing a dark puffer jacket over light blue jeans when she left her Leytonstone home.

Responding to one person keen to help by sharing his post, Mr Tony said: “thank you please do share it I wish she was home now her bed is empty our house is empty her little sister is so upset I can not sleep thank you [sic].”

Another relative, Alina Kostepe, wrote: “Ella darling if you see this post here is because we worry for you and love you please come back home to yours family if you need to talk I am here for you … 😞😢send you a big hug where you are and please come home 🙏Please contact me and let talk Ella darling ❤️.”

Anyone with information on Ela’s whereabouts should contact the police on 101 or they can call 0748 870 4645.