Father Christmas crash-lands in Cyprus, learns Turkish and distributes hellim as festive gifts

We all know Father Christmas’s birth place is Turkey, but legend suggests he’s been living happily in Lapland for centuries. According to a new video clip by online TV programme makers Neydi Olacağı, Santa is now residing with celebrity grandparents Ayşe aba and husband Kenan in their village in North Cyprus, enjoying the very best cultural traditions Turkish Cypriots have to offer.

Elderly pair Ayşe and Kenan from Büyükkonuk, a picturesque village in the panhandle of Cyprus, shot to fame earlier this year when they featured in a hilarious clip promoting Mercedes-Benz cars. Made by the same production team, the advert called Çekemeyenler Çatlasın [Those who can’t take it can burst with envy] was viewed by more than 2 million people.

Ayşe aba became an overnight star when she appeared in Çekemeyenler Çatlasın, a promo clip for Mercedes-Benz distributor Dunya Oto


In the latest comedy promo clip, Santa falls off his sleigh and ends up in Ayşe and Kenan’s back garden. Ayşe says, “I have always believed in Noel Baba” [Father Christmas], then tells Kenan they need to adopt him and his reindeers. They do, teaching Father Christmas Turkish, while introducing him to the delights of the Cypriot coffeeshop, tavla [backgammon] and hellim [Cypriot cheese]. So taken is Noel Baba with the taste of hellim, that he decides to give some to everyone as a New Year gift.

Ayşe aba’s husband Kenan teaches Father Christmas how to play tavla / backgammon in the village coffeeshop in new Neydi Olacağı ‘Noel Baba’ clip


The creative team behind Neydi Olacağı look like scoring another huge hit with their new ad. Filmed mainly in Turkish with some choice words in English, the 4-minute advert was made for North Cyprus’ leading dairy producer Koop Süt. Released online earlier today, the adorable clip has already been shared on Facebook over 3 thousand times and watched by nearly 200,000 people.