Female-led Sufi Whirling workshops in Brighton in February and March

Whether for reasons of spirituality or as release from the everyday stresses of life, the practice of Sufi whirling continues to grow in appeal – and not just among Muslims.

This devotional dance is an integral part of Sufism – an inclusive, mystical Islamic belief and practice where adherents seek the truth about divine love and knowledge.

Whirling dervishes of the Mevlevi order enter into a meditative state of ecstasy by spinning with the right palm of their outstretched arm facing the sky, while the other points down at the earth.

Many students of Sufism often start by seeking to understand its philosophy first or to learn artforms such as calligraphy before they try to whirl.

Two upcoming workshops in Brighton gives those curious a chance to try Sufi whirling and the “practice which moves us into surrender, love and eventually trance.”

Hosted by Seren Rose and Hannah Jewel, their workshops are inspired by Turkish Sufi values of inclusiveness, and they encourage people of all backgrounds to come and learn about and experience Sufi whirling.

The pair provide live music – a combination of frame drumming, guitar and vocals – that draw on traditional Turkish ilahis (songs and poems about the divine), as well as contemporary songs created by modern-day Sufis from around the world.

Describing their workshops, Rose and Jewel write: “You may come and join the caravan, in a safe and protected space, to get what you need to navigate your life in this moment. You might join the caravan as your path, which is especially profound. You might just come and experience.”

The 2-hour session involves meditation, breathwork, sacred chanting, and instruction in whirling.

Workshop Details 

Title: Sufi Whirling Workshops

Date: Sunday 11 February and Sunday 10 March 2024

Time and Duration: 1pm-3pm

Venue: About Balance, 20-22 Gloucester Place, Brighton and Hove BN1 4AA

Admission: Tickets are £30 (+ a £3.22 booking fee)

Tickets: buy online from Eventbrite – click here.


Image, top, of people doing dervish dance generative ai, colours edited. Image © Mahadevlover / Freepik