“Give North Cyprus an Emoji” say 1000 signatories

An online petition calling for a Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) flag mobile phone emoji has gained over 1000 signatures. The plea, named “Make a TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) emoji!!” which is directed at tech giants Apple, Samsung and Microsoft is registered on campaigning website change.org and is intended to gain greater global recognition for the TRNC which is presently officially recognised only by Turkey.

The petition has been shared on social media and Turkish Cypriots, who are currently only able to use Turkish or Republic of Cyprus flag symbols to represent their national identity in emoji form could be able to display the TRNC flag in text messages, iMessages, on WhatsApp, and various social media posts if it is successful.

“The emoji board has most of the flags for every country. Republic of Cyprus has a flag emoji, but the Turkish Republic of Cyprus doesn’t. As a Turkish Cypriot myself and many other Turkish Cypriots out there, we have to use the Turkey and Republic of Cyprus emoji flags to show that we’re Turkish Cypriots. Since Google Maps and even Snapchat Maps recognises this country, why can’t Apple and many other phone companies? I know this may seem unnecessary, but this will be a big step for the recognition of TRNC globally,” writes petition founder Salih Yamansef.

If granted an emoji, the TRNC would join other limited recognition states who have their own flag emojis such as Palestine, Kosovo and Taiwan.