Help children with cancer heal with your Ramazan donations

LÖSEV, the Foundation for Children with Leukaemia, has launched its annual Ramazan campaign to raise vital funds for the organisation. The Ankara-based charity is appealing for Turks to make their annual fitre andzekât donations to them.

The Ankara-based charity has been supporting leukaemia and cancer patients for 24 years, providing them with everything from medical aid to food and financial support.

The organisation is currently supporting over 57,000 leukaemia and cancer sufferers, 90% of whom live below the poverty level and so are unable to afford even the basic necessities during their treatment and recovery from cancer.


A spokesperson for LÖSEV told us, “Ramazan is a special time of year and we want both patients and their families to have added support during what is already an arduous cancer treatment process. We want everyone, but especially children to feel some happiness. A vital part of this is helping them to maintain high nutrition standards and hygiene conditions.

“We are therefore inviting everyone to be a partner in this campaign, so we can ‘Help Children Heal With Your Ramazan Donations’.”

Donations can be made by Turks anywhere in the world simply by visiting LÖSEV’s website and paying their fitre and/or zekât online.

The LÖSEV spokesperson said, “We would like to thank in advance all those who make a valuable contribution to our campaign and by doing so, join us in our struggle to give affected children a chance in life.”

 What is fitre and Zekât

All Muslims who can afford it are obliged to give alms at Ramazan to help those less well off. The first type of charitable donation is fitre, or Zakat al-Fitr, which is approximately £3.50 for each person making a donation. This goes towards ensuring the poor can enjoy a good meal during Ramazan Bayramı / Eid al-Fitr.

Zekât,or Zakat, can be paid at any time of year, but many Muslims choose to make this donation during Ramazan too. The size of the donation is based on the amount of disposable income you have. Many Muslim charities have online calculators to help you know how much to donate.