JJ’s launches Amazon-style real-time mobile alerts for its deliveries


National wholesaler JJ Foodservice is the first UK wholesaler to introduce an Amazon-style notification system to give customers an estimated time of arrival based on real-time data.

Sedat Kaan Hendekli, Head of Operations at JJ Foodservice, said, “Customers are sent an email notification when their order is first dispatched and then again when the driver is nearby. We calculate positioning with local traffic conditions to give an estimated arrival time.”

The pioneering development marks a first in the UK foodservice and grocery wholesale sector and is expected to dramatically improve convenience for busy caterers.

Traditionally, customers are given a four-hour window, which can be difficult to plan around. “If customers are expecting us – they can be prepared, have payment ready, and make space for the delivery”, said Hendekli. “This speeds up the process both ends.”

The handy feature is only available to JJ customers who place their order online, allowing them to receive alerts to their desktops and mobile phones. It continues with the award-winning firm’s investment into technology innovations, creating efficiencies for themselves and their customers.

Earlier this year, JJ Foodservice introduced paperless technology to its warehouse – customers’ orders are sent directly to pickers via a mobile device, helping to reduce paper waste. More recently, an investment into telematics has helped to optimise driver journeys, giving customers a speedier service while using less fuel and reducing vehicle emissions.