Kazan Turkish restaurant offering 50% off all vegetarian dishes until end of September


One of London’s classiest Turkish restaurants is giving its customers the chance to try one of its many vegetarian dishes for half the usual price. Kazan Restaurant, located in Wilton Street, Victoria, is famed for its fantastic meat and fish options, but its menu also offers a delicious range of vegetarian and vegan dishes. To highlight the fact, until the end of September all customers can order any vegetarian dish on the menu for half the price.

The acclaimed Central London eatery has been at the forefront of serving high quality Modern Ottoman cuisine for over a decade. Their fusion menu has its roots in the Sultans’ kitchens; a rich tapestry of tastes the Ottoman Turks discovered through their vast empire that spread across the Middle East, Southeast and Central Europe, and North Africa.

Today, vegetarian dishes remain an important element within Turkish cuisine and equally on Kazan’s menu. These include: Kisir (tomato & herb salad with hazelnuts, walnuts and quinoa); Kiz güzeli (beautifully roasted beetroot with strained yoghurt infused with garlic and herbs); Manca (fresh baby spinach leaves, mixed shredded carrots and strained yoghurt); Borek (traditionally hand folded filo pastry filled with feta cheese, spinach and herbs); and Hellim (pan-fired Cypriot white cheese on a bed of tomatoes and mint).

For mains, try Spinach Sauté (spinach, chickpeas and mixed Mediterranean vegetables in a spicy tomato sauce, served with rice and strained yoghurt), or Imam Bayildi (a classic Ottoman dish of roasted aubergine stuffed with vegetables cooked with olive oil, served with rice).

Reservations are recommended. See below for details.

Address: Kazan Restaurant, 93-94 Wilton Road, London SW1V 1DW

Web: kazan-restaurant.com

Phone: 020 7233 7100