Mercimek Çorbası (Turkish Lentil Soup) in top 3 of TasteAtlas’s 100 best soups in the world

A gourmet food portal dedicated to celebrating traditional dishes from around the world has given a popular Turkish soup near perfect scores. Mercimek Çorbası (lentil soup) was scored 4.7 out of a possible 5 on TasteAtlas’s list of 100 Best Rated Soups in the World.

The Turkish soup was only bettered by Japan’s Tonkotsu Ramen (rated first) and Poland’s Żurek soup (rated second) in the top 100 rankings that was published last month.

TasteAtlas describes Mercimek Çorbası as “a beloved Turkish soup” that is made from “red lentils, chicken stock, onions, and carrots” and usually seasoned with “salt, pepper, cumin, or paprika.”

The entry for soup says it is “Easy to prepare, filling, and warming” and is, “consumed for breakfast, lunch, or dinner in rural parts of Turkey, especially in local eateries known as lokantas.”

The portal includes a recipe on how to make the soup, as well as links to restaurants across Turkiye that serve this delicious soup based on recommendations from TasteAtlas readers.

Soups from the Far East dominated the list of Best Rated Soups in the World, with recipes from Japan, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines occupying six of the top 10 positions.

TasteAtlas Top 10 Best Rated Soups in the World

  1. Tonkotsu Ramen (Japan)
  2. Żurek (Poland)
  3. Mercimek Çorbası (Turkiye)
  4. Rawon (Indonesia)
  5. Sopa de lima (Mexico)
  6. Bori-bori (Paraguay)
  7. Ramen (Japan)
  8. Shoyu Ramen (Japan)
  9. Tom kha gai (Thailand)
  10. Sinigang (Philippines)

The Best Rated Soups in the World list is one of hundreds on TasteAtlas that score different categories of foods by type or geography. Where possible, the entries are connected to restaurants serving the dish.

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Main image, top, Mercimek Çorbası, photo © Saufi Badaruddin / iStock