Love Island’s new ‘it’ couple Ekin-de are hitting it big with huge brand deals and their own reality show

While ITV2’s Love Island is a show about finding love with a prize of £50k (which isn’t much in today’s economy), most contestants join for the possible brand deals and a chance at becoming influencers on social media.

It seems the Turkish delight and Italian stallion have struck gold with their on-screen persona: not only have they won the hearts of the British public by a massive 63.7% of the final votes, but they are also the new darling duo of the Britain’s entertainment industry.

Just last week it was revealed that Love Island 2022 champion Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu, 27, signed a million pound deal with fashion brand Oh Polly – the highest value agreement that a Love Island contestant has ever struck.

Oh Polly describes itself as an “eco-friendly” and “ethical” brand, focussing on climate change issues as part of its brand offering and appeal to customers.

“After speaking with all of the major fashion brands Ekin-Su wanted to work with a brand that aligned to her own values of sustainability and therefore decided against signing to a fast fashion brand”, The Sun reported. “She is the most in demand Love Island star EVER,” the paper added.

Even before being crowned the winner, Ekin-Su was bombarded with brand deal offers. While the young Turk from Essex was away in Mallorca carrying the show on her back, the fan favourite’s Instagram handler and friend Mabel Asojo was struggling to keep up with the never-ending direct messages sent by brands to Ekin-Su, as she mentioned on previous Instagram stories.

Fans had already been predicting that Ekin-Su would make it big. It’s easy to picture her presenting the show next to Laura Whitmore. There’s even been rumours of her possibly joining the panel for ITV’s weekday lunchtime show Loose Women.

Having a bold personality like Ekin-Su’s could get you dumped from the Love Island villa, but your life in the real world is SET because, let’s face it, brands wants someone who is memorable and can engage their customers and the media.

Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu “set” for life after her performance on the 8th series of Love Island. Photo © ITV


Now Ekin-de fans are even more elated because on their guest appearance at Channel 4’s The Big Breakfast, the bombshell duo announced they are to get their very own spin-off show on ITV2.

Ekin-Su’s Italian partner Davide Sanclimenti, 27, said, “‘We are going on a road trip to Italy and Turkey, for one week in Italy and one week in Turkey.”

The Mediterranean couple will be visiting each other’s families, cooking and most definitely arguing like a married couple on their two-week holiday. Nothing less than a cute chaotic mess is expected from these two.

And no wonder, because the fans have been calling for it in huge numbers. Just check the sheer volume of tweets tagged #loveisland on Twitter and you will see people demanding the Ekin-de spin-off.

It would perhaps be more accurate to say the TV show’s fans are spoon-feeding programme makers ITV with actual money-making ideas, such as Ekin-Su and Davide getting their own spin-off show where they travel Italy and Türkiye. Lo and behold, that’s exactly the content we will be getting.

It’s a bit of a shocker when producers actually listen to the viewers for once, considering this season of Love Island was outstandingly lacklustre with the challenges and a very PG-13 reunion, despite viewers making it very clear what they wanted from the show.

No one watches Love Island for the blossoming romance and friendships. As the saying goes, “I don’t want peace. I want problems, always”.

Witnessing a Turkish figure have such immense presence and receive so much love on British media and making ‘Turkish Delight’ her trademark nickname is kind of crazy.

With the Mediterranean couple’s road trip show expected to air possibly in September or October of this year, a considerable British audience will also be introduced to the cuisine, sights and overall culture of Türkiye. I, for one, can’t wait!