Osman Ercen re-elected President of the UK Turkish Community Football Federation

There is no change in the top post for the Turkish Community Football Federation (TTFF) following committee elections. Osman Ercen was returned unopposed as President for next season.

The committee elections took place on Tuesday evening, 15 June, as part of TTFF’s annual general meeting. Due to ongoing coronavirus restrictions, the meeting was held online.

The current TTFF committee submitted their activity and finance reports for the 2020-21 season, which were unanimously passed. Members then voted on the new committee, with thirteen people taking up a variety of positions next season.

TTFF will celebrate its 45th anniversary in the upcoming 2021/2022 season. First formed in 1976 with 12 founder member football clubs, it is one of the British Turkish community’s oldest and largest associations.

The organisation represents thousands of players and dozens of clubs through its ever-expanding structure.

It currently manages two adult leagues, as well as U16 and U14 youth teams, and veteran (over 35 and over 45) sides. It is also cultivating teams for women and girls.

New TTFF Committee for the 2021-2022 season

Osman Ercen – President

İrfan Davulcular – Vice-President

Murat Yakup – General Secretary

Ozan Beliger – Treasurer

Gülay Ermiya – Licensing Secretary

Ertan Uluçay – Referees

Mehmet Gözde – Fixtures

Hayri Kartal – Disciplinary

Kemal Soyer and Fikret Gönlübol – Veterans

Mehmet Nasıfoğluları and Serkan Poyraz – Academy Co-ordinator

Elif Harani – Social Media and Website