Serial number from breast implant identifies victim of gruesome murder in Turkey

The remains of an Iranian couple found in Sakarya Province, northwest Turkey, have been identified through the serial number of the silicone breast implant of the female victim.

On 1 July, police were called to Çimen Sokak in the town of Sapanca, located 135km east of Istanbul, after a stray dog was spotted with a human limb in its mouth.

A search of the field the dog had emerged from led to the grim discovery of a bin liner containing human remains.

An autopsy found the bodies were of a man and a woman. They had been decapitated and dismembered into 13 pieces, with the heads missing from the bin liner.

The authorities were able to identify the couple through the woman’s silicone breast implants. The man had a distinctive dragon tattoo on his breast, enabling the police to identify him as the woman’s husband.

Due to the ongoing investigation, the full identity of the victims has not been released. Police did, however, confirm their initials, ages and profession: M.Z. (39) and A.S. (40), both estate agents and Iranian nationals.

Detectives believe one possible motive for the murder is money.

On Thursday, police arrested an Iranian national, A.M., on suspicion of murder. The police are trying to track down those who they believe assisted the suspect in the murder.