Special Turkey media panel debate with Can Dündar, Deniz Yücel and Aidan White

Event details updated*

UK Turkish-Kurdish community group is holding a panel discussion to discuss the state of democracy in Turkey.

Two of the panellists, journalists Can Dündar and Deniz Yücel, have first-hand experience of Turkey’s dysfunctional judicial system, which now regularly jails journalists and closes down media critical of the Turkish government’s actions.

Last year, Cumhuriyet daily’s former editor-in-chief Dündar was found guilty in his absence of espionage after publishing details of the Turkish state transporting arms to Syrian opposition groups in National Intelligence Organisation (MİT) trucks. An Istanbul court has issued an arrest warrant for the high profile fugitive, living in Germany since an attempt on his life when he attended a court hearing in 2016.

Yücel, a German citizen of Turkish heritage, was detained in custody for a year on charges of terrorism before Berlin secured his release. He had written critical pieces on the Kurdish issue, Turkey’s role in Syria and the embarrassing Redhack leaks from the email account of Beraat Albayrak, Turkey’s Minister of Treasury and Finance and son-in-law of President Erdoğan.

They, together with Aidan White, the founder and president of the Ethical Journalism Network, will share their experiences of the Turkish government’s “purge of the media and censorship of journalists seeking the truth”.

Early registration is a must for what will surely be a lively and packed debate at the North London Community Centre in Tottenham.

Event Details

Title: Media Under Authoritarian Rule

Date: Sunday 17 March 2019

Time: 4pm to 6pm

Venue: North London Community Centre, 22 Moorefield Road, Bruce Grove, London N17 6PY

Admission: Entry to this event is free, but prior registration is essential. There will be no admission without a valid ticket and ID.

Tickets: register for your free ticket online at Eventbrite 


*This news item previously stated that lobby group Solidarity with the People of Turkey (SPOT) was responsible for the event. T-VINE has since been made the event is being organised by Day-Mer and our news amended accordingly.