Sümer Erek’s Mediterranean Sea-inspired ‘notopia’ art features in new exhibition

The world around us is forever changing. When we speak to those who have undergone major transformations in their own lives, what do they say and what is it that we hear? Hosted at 5th Base Gallery in Whitechapel, The Stories They Told is a new exhibition featuring the fragments of what four diverse artists have heard and observed.

Multi-disciplinary artist Sümer Erek is listening to stories from the Mediterranean Sea, about people fleeing tragedy in their homelands and the motion of waves swallowing lives. He looks at the new places these people are in, using painting and sculpture to tell the reality of ‘there’ or ‘here’, where everywhere is nowhere or ‘notopia’.

Hi work appears alongside three others: painter Diana Krilova, who explores the identities and stories of people living in London; using photography, Doerte Weig documents the lives of the Baka people living in the forest of northeast Gabon; and guest artist Vivida Vi, who is listening to the inner world of her senses, her connection to nature and the world around her.

Event details

Exhibition: The Stories They Told

Runs until: Wednesday 17 August 2016

Venue address: 5th Base Gallery, ​23 Heneage Street, London E1 5LJ

Opening times:  12.00-18.00, daily

Entry: Free

Main photo: painting featured in the exhibition, from Sümer Erek’s ‘Broken Tide’ series