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Bulgarian General Election: 1 in 8 MPs in new Parliament are of Turkish origin

As many as 33 candidates of Turkish origin could become members of parliament (MP) in the 240-seat Bulgarian Parliament following the country’s General Election on Sunday, 4 April. With over 98% of the votes counted, Prime Minister Boyko Borisov’s conservative Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria (GERB) party has again emerged as the largest party. […]

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Turkish-Bulgarian politician seeks minority status for Turks

  Bulgarian Turks continue to press for minority rights in spite of deep opposition from the government. The campaign is being led by Lyutvi Mestan, a former MP and current head of the Democrats for Responsibility, Solidarity and Tolerance Party (DOST), a pro-NATO, pro-EU, pro-Turkish rights party formed in 2016. In an interview on popular […]

Whose heritage is it?

  I was not planning to write about my trip to Sofia, Bulgaria, where I attended a conference on Cultural Heritage in Migration. We all had an intense discussion on this issue with the conference organisers and participants, and later my personal experience of heritage in Sofia left me to conclude that I must address […]