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Register to vote in the most important election in a lifetime

On Wednesday 30 October, MPs voted to hold an early election on 12 December. The vote gives the British public a chance to vote on the Brexit issue and much more. Indeed, many commentators regard the election to be the country’s most important in the post-war period. In its editorial on Tuesday, the FT said […]

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The Anatolian origins of the US Congress

Americans voted in the midterm elections this week, casting ballots for various seats in Congress including 35 in the senate and all 435 of the House of Representatives. As election fever swept the United States, T-VINE took a look at how an Ancient Anatolian civilisation influenced the authors of the US Constitution, and in particular […]

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We remember: The Ottoman Empire’s First Constitution, established 140 years ago

In January 1877, the Constantinople ‘Tersane’ Conference, attended by the Great Powers including Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, and Austria-Hungary, came to an end. The Conference had started in December 1876, and was intended to address the Ottoman Empire’s problems, commonly referred to by European politicians and diplomats as the “Eastern Question”. The year 1876 had […]