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Tests show up to 80% of new Covid cases in North Cyprus are of UK variant

Turkish Cypriot Health Minister Dr Ali Pilli has confirmed the more contagious UK variant of coronavirus has arrived in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC). “The UK variant of the COVID-19 virus was identified in 16 of the 20 samples sent by the Health Ministry to the Republic of Turkey for COVID-19 virus mutation […]

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Tourists with Covid-19 vaccination cards can enter North Cyprus from April, as TRNC rolls out vaccinations

Vaccinations against the coronavirus have started in the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC), with the President Ersin Tatar (pictured top), Prime Minister Ersan Saner and Health Minister Dr Ali Pilli among the first to receive the shots. The government is aiming to inoculate 300,000 people in North Cyprus against the deadly virus by March, […]

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Compulsory quarantine for North Cyprus visitors from UK, Turkey extended until 1 November, but fees dropped

Mandatory quarantine in government approved centres will continue for travellers arriving in North Cyprus from coronavirus Category B and Category C risk countries. However Turkish Cypriot citizens, students, and those with residency or work permits for the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC) will no longer have to pay for their quarantine. Those from Category […]

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Letters, Why are you treating us like lepers, TRNC?

Dear T-VINE, I’ve been following the travel advice updates closely and have to say I am really upset with the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus and its policy towards travellers from the United Kingdom. At the beginning of this coronavirus crisis, I and other British Turkish Cypriots and expats applauded the TRNC for taking quick […]