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Israel appoints new ambassador to Ankara, as Turkish and Israeli leaders meet for first time since 2008

The rapprochement between Turkiye and Israel continues with two significant political developments in a single day. First came the news that Israel has appointed a new ambassador to its embassy in Ankara – the first in four years. The Israeli Foreign Ministry made the announcement about Ambassador Irit Lillian’s new role on Tuesday. The senior diplomat […]

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Turkiye, Israel agree to restore full diplomatic relations

Relations between Turkiye and Israel is set to return to normal, with the two countries agreeing to send an ambassador to the other, ending a four year period of frostiness between the former allies. The development was announced on Wednesday, 17 August, following a conversation between the Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Israeli Prime […]

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Dr Louis Fishman to speak on Turkish-Israeli Relations at Westminster public seminar

  Continuing its series of Turkey-related seminars and debates at the Palace of Westminster, the Centre for Turkey Studies (CEFTUS) will be hosting Dr Louis Fishman there on 25th April 2018. A respected authority on Turkey and Israel, Dr Fishman’s talk will look at the intricacies of Turkish-Israeli relations, placing them within an historical context, […]