Letters, Ofcom’s decision on UKIP: “if the official body can’t fulfil its statutory duty…we need to be worried”

Re: Ofcom deems UKIP’s anti-Turkey broadcast to be acceptable, 22. Feb 2016   Dear T-VINE, Ofcom’s response to UKIP’s recent anti-Turkey broadcast was disappointing to say the least. Media regulating itself doesn’t work. Yet if the official body regulating the industry can’t fulfil its statutory duty and protect us “from harmful or offensive material”, we […]

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Why the Liberal Democrats referred UKIP to the BBC Trust and Ofcom

The day after UKIP’s first-ever party political broadcast, the Liberal Democrats made an official complaint to the broadcasting watchdog Ofcom and the BBC over the broadcast’s content, claiming it incited racial and religious hatred. The Lib Dems said the presentation and tone of the broadcast focused on provoking negative and hostile reactions. It uses images, […]

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Ofcom deems UKIP’s anti-Turkey broadcast to be acceptable

  The UK communications regulator has decided not to proceed with a formal investigation into a controversial anti-Turkey party political broadcast by the UK Independence Party (UKIP). The decision was included in Ofcom’s fortnightly Broadcast and On Demand Bulletin that was released earlier today. A total of 40 people made an official complaint to Ofcom […]

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Ofcom set to rule on UKIP’s “stomach-turning” anti-Turkey broadcast

A decision is expected next week from Ofcom, the UK’s communications regulatory body, on whether to investigate the UK Independence Party (UKIP) for its Party Political Broadcast on 3rd Feb. 2016. The party honed in on Turkey’s large Muslim population as a reason for Britain to quit the European Union, claiming up to 15 million Muslim […]