Turkish artists showcase artworks that ‘vibrate with colour’ in Miart Gallery London’s latest exhibition Chroma

Chroma – from Greek khrōma – measures the intensity of colour, meaning that the most chromatically intense colours are completely free from white and grey. Colours, in their pure form, have a potential to communicate extremes of thought and emotion.

From Renaissance to Abstract Expressionism, artists have been obsessed with the mysteries of colour for centuries. Colours speak to our primal senses and invoke associations in our subconscious that are universal to all human beings.

Miart Gallery London has become an exciting platform for both emerging and established artists. The gallery’s latest group exhibition Chroma brings together the work of artists from around the world.

Bülent Sancar, Beste Alperat, Sezin Aksoy, Çağlar Tağcı, Peter Combe, Emre Yusufi, Dmitry Oskin, Ipek Ergen, and Kadir Akyol are among the exhibiting artists. Their diverse artworks vibrate with colour.

Here’s a brief overview of some of the featured Turkish artists in Chroma:

Emre Yusufi

By merging elements from different time frames, Emre Yusufi highlights the transformation of ideas over time. In his latest collection of hyper-realistic sculptures of Hercules, Emre provokes thought on identity and human nature.

Bulent Sancar

Bulent Sancar is an internationally acclaimed artist, who put his name on the map when he showcased his works in Venice. Bulent co-curated the ground-breaking underwater exhibition “We Cooked the Sea,” and gained recognition with sculptures like “Octopus” and “Angel Fish.” Inspired by a documentary on Atlantis, Sancar’s exploration of composite materials at METYX Composites in Turkey led to his acclaimed Atlantis-themed series, starting with the impactful sculpture “THERA.”

Çağlar Tağcı

In his work Çağlar Tağcı explores the complexities of the universe and creation. His disciplined use of geometric shapes establishes a foundation, emphasising order on abstract surfaces. Techniques like bold brushstrokes and paint dripping add dynamism, creating diverse compositions while the resulting dynamic bursts of colour leave a powerful impact.

Ipek Ergen

Ipek Ergen is a versatile artist with solo and group exhibitions in the USA, Germany, Luxembourg. Using techniques like airbrushing and acrylics, her works integrate symbols and hidden layers, turning them into a treasure hunt for the audience. Ipek employs various materials, such as gold leaf and plexiglass, and her art tells detailed stories inspired by the animal world, human psychology, Japanese art, and otaku culture, with a focus on representing and investigating human behaviours.

Sezin Askoy

Sezin Askoy’s artistic focus revolves around the notion of change, encompassing both physical transformation and shifts in thought and spirituality.

Beste Alperat

Beste Alperat’s work reflects Istanbul’s culture and heritage, and is created using the kirigami technique, which is a variation of origami derived from Japan.

Some of the artwork ft in the Chroma Exhibition at Miart Gallery (L-to-R): Ipek Ergen, Çağlar Tağcı, and Beste Alperat

Kadir Akyol

Kadir Akyol (artwork featured top) creatively blends portraits from different historical periods and cultural contexts, using them as a rich source of inspiration. On his canvases, elements of popular culture and traditional lifestyles harmoniously co-exist alongside those from modern art, resulting in a dynamic blend of lyricism and irony. This interplay of influences showcases Akyol’s ability to bridge different eras and cultural expressions, creating captivating and thought-provoking artworks.

Exhibition Details

Title: CHROMA at Miart Gallery London

Exhibition Dates: The exhibition opened on Friday 01 March 2024 and runs until Tuesday 30 April 2024

Opening Times: Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm

Venue: Miart Gallery, 31- 32 St James Street, London SW1A 1HD