Turkish Cypriot owned chip-shop ranked ‘best restaurant in London’ on TripAdvisor

Positive reviews and a stream of maximum marks from happy customers at The Golden Chippy have propelled it to the top spot on TripAdvisor.

Hüseyin Kanizi’s fish and chip shop on Greenwich High Road beat 17,462 others, including Michelin-starred eateries, to be crowned “number 1 restaurant in London”.

Many of the 465 reviews on TripAdvisor describe the small, but popular restaurant and takeaway as the “best ever fish and chips”. Manwithaview was similarly glowing with praise. Awarding The Golden Chippy a maximum five stars, he wrote:

“My partner and I live locally (Blackheath) and are within a short drive away to frequent this superb London eatery often. The fish and chips here, as many have confirmed, is unquestionably the best in London. Perhaps more importantly, it is consistently so.”

“A family-run business with evident high-standards, driven from the very top by the owner himself; a jocular, attentive and entirely dedicated fellow who has never failed during the last three years to make us feel that he’s in-situ solely to cook for our pleasure alone. Of course, truth is that he makes every customer feel this way. And that’s the joy of it all.”

“Honest, fresh cooking to amazingly high standards. Wonderful. We’re so delighted to see this small local restaurant achieve the kind of uniquely London cult status it rightly deserves. Get there and experience it yourself.”

News of Kanizi’s success has made it into various media including the Evening Standard. He told the paper: “The secret is to do the job properly with lots and lots of TLC. You have to love your job and only serve what’s good enough for your belly. It’s a very simple policy.”


Originally from Köfünye, Larnaca, in Cyprus, Hüseyin Kanizi set up the business 13 years ago. He prides himself on the service he and his staff give, and that they always use fresh ingredients, as well as his own secret batter recipe.

Commenting on the quality of the food, one reviewer said: “The chips taste fresh and the fish even fresher. If you eat in, they give you a fabulous salad. The staff are smiley and lovely and the chef is justifiably proud of the food he serves. A class act.”

The recognition of his successful business was warmly greeted by fellow Turkish Cypriots. Hüsnü Kişi, also from Köfünye, wrote on Facebook:

“SEVGİLİ DOSTUMUZ VE KÖYLÜMÜZ HÜSEYİN KANİZİ’NİN FISH AND CHIP LOKANTASINI LONDRANIN EN İYİ LOKANTASI OLARAK SEÇTİ. HÜSEYİN ARKADAŞIMIZI KUTLARIM. DAHA NİCE BAŞARILARA [sic]”. (‘Our dear friend and fellow villager Hüseyin Kanizi’s fish and chip restaurant has been selected as the best restaurant in London. I congratulate our friend. Wishing him many more successes’).

Hear, hear!


Main photo © pnayangel717 on TripAdvisor : Hüseyin Kanizi posing with happy customers outside The Golden Chippy