WWW.Turks with Selim Kumbaracı

Each print issue of T-VINE Magazine has a section called WWW.Turks, short for the ‘Weird and Wonderful World of Turks’, where we invite amateur and professional photographers of Turkish origin to submit a range of photos of the world around them. They range from the quirky to the stunning.

Selim Kumbaracı is one of Cyprus’s best photojournalists and the Deputy Director of the North Cyprus’ TAK news agency. Here he shares a few photos from his incredible archive. For more, visit his Instagram page: @selimkumbaraci_cyprus

The photo at the top is of a sunrise over the Mesaoria plain, on Selim’s way to work and is captioned “Günaydın Kıbrıs / good morning Cyprus”.

A corner of heaven: Golden Beach, Karpaz. Photo © Selim Kumbaracı


Arches everywhere: Lale Pasha Mosque, Mağusa. Photo © Selim Kumbaracı


How cool is my play space? Cat perched in entrance of Malpas Hotel, Girne. Photo © Selim Kumbaracı


Cochlea snail perched on a tree, TAK front garden, Lefkoşa. Photo © Selim Kumbaracı


Tropical red Chinese hibiscus growing in TAK’s front garden, Lefkoşa. Photo © Selim Kumbaracı


These photos first appeared in Issue 11, Spring/Summer 2019 edition of T-VINE Magazine.  Copyright for all photos © Selim Kumbaracı.