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Tensions on New Year’s Eve

Tensions are at an all-time high. People are being forced to choose sides, victimised if they choose differently, and the atmosphere is so tense you can cut it with a knife…. No we’re not talking about BREXIT; we are talking about the politics of whom to spend New Year’s Eve with. Do you go with […]

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Social media for the over 60s

Millennials of today are moving away from Facebook. Some would assume it’s due to trendier social media platforms being the new ‘go to’ place to post pictures of your flaming mangal in gif form, or snaps of last night’s Regency wedding extravaganza using an array of different filters. Well the truth is, it isn’t. They are trying to […]

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The big ol’ snip, snip

There’s nothing worse than being forced to host a party when you’re not in the mood. Especially when it means watching people celebrate the fact that you have just had the snip! Two hundred people dancing, eating and having a good time while you sit there dressed as a camp, flamboyant little soldier, struggling to […]

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I need a holiday… after my holiday

Every year we come back from our summer holiday in the Motherland complaining about how we need another holiday to recover. It all starts with expensive plane tickets. We complain how much we paid for them, yet still fork out hundreds of pounds for a budget flight – mishhhhh. 80% of the holiday is spent in the village […]

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There’s nothing worse than when you are flying back from the motherland and a distant cousin or auntie turns up the morning you are leaving and hands you 10 packs of hellim. They know the laws against bringing cheese back, as well as the weight restrictions, but they still make you feel bad if you […]

Eray & Koray pay a visit to Ted’s Grooming Room

After leading the way in fashion for many years now, Ted Baker recently diversified into old school Turkish barbers with Ted’s Grooming Room. We heard on the T-VINE they’d opened the doors to their newest site in Mortimer Street (complete with medical theme, as pictured below). To celebrate the launch, we took our Turkish selves […]

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Kebab Kings

Turks are born with the ability to do one thing perfectly: cook kebabs. There’s nothing worse in life than expecting freshly-made şeftali kebabs and köfte, only to be handed sausages or burgers. It’s imperative we understand the difference between a kebab and a BBQ. It’s not just ditching the ketchup and mustard for humus and […]

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Turkish Weddings

There was a time when Turkish weddings were THE social event of the calendar: a chance for Turks to come together and socialise and, for some, it was a chance to pick a future bride. Weddings have changed over time, but there are a few traditions we just don’t understand. How comes the bride and […]

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Bayram etiquette

With the recent run of Bayrams (there seems to be one every week), it made us think about an important tradition: ‘At what age do you stop kissing the hands of your elders when you greet them and when should you start extending yours?’ Like the rest of Britain, many Turks are getting married and […]